100% Reliable Facebook Hacking Methods

Hello friends... I am going to explain you almost all the possible methods of facebook hacking in this article. All these methods are 100% reliable and after learning all these methods, anyone can hack facebook for sure. 

But before going into the actual topic I would like to say... Facebook pays millions of dollars to security experts and penetration testers to keep the privacy of their users as safe as possible. So therefore we cannot use direct methods such as brute forcing, dictionary attacks in order to hack facebook account due to account lockout feature. However, also I would like to clear one more doubt that there is no such software which will hack a facebook password for you by just entering your email address.

I am explaining here nearly twenty ways to hack facebook. One can hack facebook using any of the following methods. And the list goes like this, starting with the noob friendly methods to professional methods.

1. Tricking victims
2. Social engineering
3. Forget password techniques
4. Friend identification
5. Phishing
6. Keylogging
7. Rats
8. Password Stealing
9. Hacking primary email address 
10. Sniffing
11. Session hijacking
12. Mobile phone hacking
13. USB hacking
14. DNS spoofing
15. Botnets
16. Sidejacking with firesheep
17. Using man in the middle attack
18. Cookie stealing

1. Tricking your victims:

In this technique, you actually trick your victim somehow to reveal his or her password to you. 
You can do it by sending your victim a fake mail pretending you are from facebook, and asking their password/ security questions etc for security purposes.

2. Social engineering:

A social engineering attack is one in which the intended victim is somehow tricked into doing the attacker's bidding. This method includes guessing and fooling the clients to give their own passwords. In this type of attack, a hacker sends a fake mail which is very convincing and appealing and asks the user for his password.

Answering the security questions also lies under this category.

And the problems with social engineering are... It is not easy to convince someone to make him give his password and Guessing generally doesn’t always work (Although if you are lucky enough it may work!). 

3. Forget passwords technique:

You can do it in the following ways:

1. Having access to his mobile
2. By answering his security questions
3. By using his friends.

The procedure goes like this.

1. First open the facebook login page in your browser and click “forget your password?” 
    Now you will be taken to a page like this 
2. Now enter your victim’s email id and click continue and you will get something like this
3. Now if you have access to his mobile, click on “Get a code from my smart phone” and click continue
4. If you don’t have access to his mobile, then click “no longer has access to these” and you will be taken to a page like this
5. Now use his friends to crack his password.

4. Phishing:

It’s the easiest and also the most popular method for hacking Facebook password. You can also search on Google the various famous Facebook hacking methods and you will find Phishing technique on the top always. And I am explaining the methods according to their popularity.

Now you want to know which my favourite method for Hacking Facebook account passwords is and I will undoubtedly tell it’s simply PHISHING

There are a variety of methods to carry out phishing attack. In a simple phishing attack, a hacker creates a fake login page which exactly looks like the real Facebook page and then asks the victim to log in. Once the victim login through the fake page, then victims "Email Address" and "Password" will be stored into a text file, and the hacker then downloads the text file and gets his hands on the victim’s credentials.

I will recommend my users to read this post for knowing how to hack Facebook using Phishing as I have explained it in detail here:

5. Keylogging:

Keylogging is the easiest way to hack a Facebook password. Keylogging sometimes can be so dangerous that even a person with good knowledge of computers can fall for it. A Keylogger is basically a small program which, once is installed on victim's computer, will record everything victim types on his/her computer. The logs are then sent back to the attacker by either FTP or directly to hackers email address.

6. RATS, Trojans and Backdoors:

This is an advanced level topic. It consists of a server and a client. In this type of attack the attacker sends the infected server to the victim. After execution the infected server i.e. Trojan on the victim’s PC opens a backdoor and now the hacker can do whatever he wants with the victim’s PC.

Trojans are often detected as threats by good anti viruses. Hacker must find a way like crypting to protect it from antivirus. 

7. Password stealing:

Almost 80% percent people use stored passwords in their browser to access the Facebook. This is quite convenient, but can sometimes be extremely dangerous. Stealer's are software's specially designed to capture the saved passwords stored in the victims Internet browser.

8. Hacking Primary email:

If Facebook hacker or any specific Keylogger, by some means, hacks your primary Gmail or yahoo account which you are using as primary email address, then this information account can easily hack your Facebook password using "Forgot password" trick. The Hacker will simply ask Facebook to send password to the primary email address and ask Facebook administrators to send the reset email to your primary email address- which is already hacked. Thus, your Facebook account password will be reset and it will also be hacked. 

So, always remember to protect your primary email address that you have used to create Facebook account and try to keep unknown or useless mail id as your primary email address in Facebook.

Primary Email Hacking Tools:

9. Sniffing:

It consists of stealing session in progress. In this type of attack an attacker makes connection with server and client and relays message between them, making them believe that they are talking to each other directly.
But the problems with sniffing are 

If the user is logged out then attacker will be logged out too and the session will be lost.

It is difficult to sniff on SSL protected networks.

10. Session hijacking:

Session Hijacking can be often very dangerous if you are accessing Facebook on a http (non secure) connection. In Session Hijacking attack, a hacker steals the victim’s browser cookie which is used to authenticate the user on a website, and use it to access the victims account. Session hijacking is widely used on LAN, and WiFi connections.

But the problems with session hijacking are:

1. You will be logged out when user is logged out.
2. You will not get the password of the user’s account.
3. Will not work if the user is using HTTPS connections.

11. Mobile phone hacking:
Millions of Facebook users access Facebook through their mobile phones. In case the hacker can gain access to the victim’s mobile phone then he can probably gain access to his/her Facebook account. There are many Mobile Spying softwares used to monitor a Cell phone. The most popular Mobile Phone Spying software's are: Mobile Spy, and Spy Phone Gold etc.

12. USB Hacking:

If an attacker has physical access to your computer, he could just insert a USB programmed with a function to automatically extract saved passwords in the Internet browser.

13. DNS Spoofing:

It’s similar to phishing, but will be done if both the victim and attacker are on the same network, an attacker can use a DNS spoofing attack and change the original Facebook page to his own fake page and hence can get access to victims Facebook account.

14. Botnets:

Botnets are not commonly used for hacking Facebook accounts, because of its high setup costs. They are used to carry more advanced attacks. A Botnet is basically a collection of compromised computer. The infection process is same as the key logging; however a Botnet gives you additional options for carrying out attacks with the compromised computer. Some of the most popular Botnets include Spyeye and Zeus.

You can download Cythosia Bot and Adfly Bot 

15. Sidejacking with firesheep:

Sidejacking attack went common in late 2010; however it's still popular now a day. Firesheep is widely used to carry out sidejacking attacks. Firesheep only works when the attacker and victim is on the same WiFi network. A sidejacking attack is basically another name for http session hijacking, but it's more targeted towards WiFi users.

16. Using man in the middle attack:

If the victim and attacker are on the same LAN and on a switch based network, a hacker can place himself between the client and the server, or he could act as a default gateway and hence capturing all the traffic in between.

17. Cookie stealing:

A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser while the user is browsing that website. Every time the user loads the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify the website of the user's previous activity.

Here, we steal these cookies and use them to login to the victim’s account.


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